Welcome Bonus 100%


Welcome 100% Deposit Bonus Promotion Rules

  1. The 100% deposit bonus credit is a limited time offer on your first payment
  2. The transaction payment must be made within 48 hours after your registration
  3. The bonus will be added to the Client’s trading account as credit and turns into cash after all conditions are complied as provided in paragraph 11, 12 below.
  4. The Bonus will be credited to the Client’s trading account within twenty-four (24) working hours after the deposit has been received
  5. A minimum deposit of 100 USD is required to receive the bonus credit
  6. The maximum deposit is 10.000 USD for the bonus credit. The client can transfer more than 10.000 USD, but the Client will not get more than a total 10.000 USD bonus credit
  7. IB/Affiliate commission is paid for bonus funds trading
  8. The bonus credit is not available for PAMM/MAM systems.
  9. The bonus is non-transferable and only available for one account and cannot be added to any second account (or more) or any other internal transfer or third parties etc.
  10. The Bonus will be canceled by a margin stop. The bonus will be canceled if the equity of the Client’s account becomes equal or more than 30% of loss with open and/or closed positions and/or free margin is 20% of Equity.
    For example (30% loss): 1000 USD deposit + 1000 USD bonus credit (100%) = Equity 2000 USD 2000 USD – 600 USD (loss=30%) = Equity 1400 USD Bonus canceled For example (free margin): (Equity 2000 USD) Free margin 400 USD = 20% of Equity, Bonus canceled
  11. It is required to trade the following amount of lots included the amount of minimum trades to transfer the entire bonus credit to balance:
    Your Deposit Bonus Total Equity Lots of Trade Trades Amount
    100 100 200 10 1
    1000 1000 2000 100 10
    10000 10000 20000 1000 100
  12. The Client may withdraw, if the required amount of lots is traded (included amount of minimum trades), the promotion trading rules have been satisfied and the entire bonus credit is transferred to balance or the bonus has already been canceled
  13. FXFair reserves the right to modify, update or cancel any promotion and under no circumstances will FXFair be liable for any consequences
  14. FXFair might decline or cancel the Client’s bonus at any time at its sole discretion without primary release, nor giving explanation for conclusion for such decline
  15. Any status not defined in these policies shall be content to the Company’s conclusion
  16. You agree that you will be bound by these promotion rules as well as all terms and conditions that apply to your forex trading account
  17. Bonus promotion is only available for Standard Zero Account
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