What is SignalTrader?

SignalTrader is an automated trading revolution and stands for Real Money, Real Trades in Real Time.
The accounts are managed by professional traders, who trade with their real money. The Team of experts allows you to copy the experts’ trades as they place orders in their live trading accounts. You still keep full control over your account with FXFair MetaTrader 4 (MT4) terminal; you can open new positions manually as well as close/modify any of the systems positions at any time.

What are you waiting for? Get free access to the trading system and test the signals by opening a free demo account.

Real Traders - Follow an elite group of professional signal providers quick and easy.

How it works

Getting started
1. Open your free SignalTrader Demo Account associated with FXFair in order to practice using Signal Trader’s automated trading execution system
2. Open an FXFair Live Account and link it to SignalTrader

All steps are done; you can start funding your FXFair Account and select trading system

Special offer

1. Open a SignalTrader account in association with FXFair and get your ePayments prepaid card for free! FXFair will cover the membership annual fee of 34.95 USD for the first year or
2. Fund your FXFair trading account and receive ePayments prepaid card for free. Minimum deposit of 1000 USD required.​

Why use SignalTraders
  • Automated Forex, Indices and Commodities trading by professionals with proven results
  • Gain a key understanding of their trading techniques (see the entries and exists as they are executed)
  • Open new positions manually as well as close/modify any of the providers’ positions at any time with the FXFair's MT4 terminal
  • Follow verified professional traders with proven results by choosing them from a trading system list
  • Control your risk by setting the amount you wish to risk on each trade, and on each expert trader
  • SignalTrader's unique mirror trading technology will duplicate the expert trades directly into your FXFair account
  • Real-time Emailed signal alerts with detailed reporting and enhanced statistics and analysis
  • You can stop, pause and resume trading at any time
  • Choose the best experts with high performing trading results
  • Adjust your own mirror ratios
  • Real-time view of your trading account
  • 30-day free demo account available 

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