Refer-a-Friend Bonus – Profit from Your Social Network

Here at FXFair, our loyal traders are our most valuable asset. The company's rapid growth is largely driven by referrals from existing clients, so it’s time to say thank you!


To show our appreciation to you and maximise your benefits of being our devoted ambassador, we've set up a special referral reward.

Just invite your friends to benefit from our truly outstanding trading conditions and get a $50 thank-you reward for every introduced client. As your friends are also our friends, they will enjoy the same bonus. It’s that easy.

Refer friends and turn your social network into profit now!

  • The Bonus is available from Dec 30, 2016 to all clients who have a live trading account with FXFair.
  • The Bonus is not valid in conjunction with FXFair’s IB commissions.
  • A referrer is eligible for a $€50 Bonus for every referred client who opens a live trading account with FXFair, makes the first deposit of minimum $€250 and emails his and his referrer’s trading account number at [email protected] ​using the Bonus code BEST FRIEND within 7 days after depositing.
  • A referred client is eligible for a one-off $€50 Bonus.
  • To collect the Bonus, a referred client has to email his and his referrer’s trading account number at [email protected] using the Bonus code BEST FRIEND within 7 days after making the first deposit of minimum $€250.
  • A referred client can only claim the Bonus on a deposit, which is not covered by any other campaign, offer or bonus.
  • To withdraw the Bonus, an eligible client has to trade at least 10 standard lots for each $€50 of the Bonus.
  • Trading volume is accounted for all currency pairs and metals.
  • The Bonus cannot be transferred between eligible client’s trading accounts.
  • Any withdrawal of funds from an eligible trading account will immediately nullify the Bonus amount that didn’t meet the required trading volume criteria.
    Example: As a referrer, you introduced 2 clients and received a Bonus of $100. After trading 15 standard lots, you decide to make a withdrawal. The Bonus amount you will get is $50*15 lots/10 lots=$75, while the remaining $25 of the Bonus will be nullified.
  • FXFair reserves the right to change the terms of the Bonus or cancel it at any time.
  • FXFair reserves the right to disqualify any client if there is a suspicion of misuse or abuse of the Bonus rules.
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