$50 No Deposit Bonus – Unleash Your Competitive Edge

The $50 No Deposit Bonus was launched for the first 1,000 new clients. Due to the overwhelming response, we have exhausted the allocation by January 29, 13:00 (GMT+1).

All clients who registered before the above-mentioned time will be granted the bonus within 1 business day.

We will be relaunching the campaign shortly. Stay tuned!

We are committed to putting traders’ success at the heart of our company strategy. FXFair $50 no deposit bonus will help you gain a competitive advantage and realise better trading profit with no risk whatsoever.


To get access to our superior execution quality and hone your trading talents, follow just a few simple steps below:

1) Like and share one post of your choice on our Indonesian Facebook page.
2) Open a live account at FXFair with a maximum leverage of 1:100.
3) Verify your account by uploading your documents.
4) After your account is approved by our all-star Support Team, send us your MT4 ID to [email protected] alongside the bonus code FREE50 from the same email address you used during the registration process.

Register, claim the bonus and unleash your competitive edge now!

  • The Bonus is available from January 24, 2017 until February 28, 2017.
  • The Bonus is available to new clients from non-restricted countries excluding Bangladesh and Nigeria.
  • The Bonus is limited to the first 1,000 clients only.
  • Each client is eligible for one Bonus only.
  • To receive the Bonus, a client has to 1) like and share one post of his choice on FXFair’s official Facebook page; 2) open a Standard or Real ECN trading account with a maximum leverage of 1:100; 3) verify his account by uploading the respective documents; 4) within 7 days after the account approval, send his MT4 ID alongside the Bonus code FREE50 to [email protected] from the same email address he used during the registration process.
  • The Bonus is credited to a client's trading account within 1 business day after fulfillment of the above-mentioned conditions.
  • The Bonus is valid for 20 days from the date of issue and will be nullified at the end of the stated period.
  • The Bonus cannot be transferred between client’s trading accounts.
  • The Bonus cannot be combined with any other bonus which FXFair may offer.
  • The Bonus is for trading purposes only and cannot be withdrawn.
  • To withdraw the profit, a client has to trade at least 5 standard lots on the Bonus account and 1 standard lot on another live trading account at FXFair.
  • The minimum profit withdrawal is $€40 and the maximum profit withdrawal is $€60.
  • Trading volume is accounted for all currency pairs and metals.
  • Trading volume is not considered for calculating an IB commission.
  • Arbitrage, internal or external hedging, the use of any automated trading systems and scalping (trades shorter than 5 min) are not allowed within the Bonus offer.
  • Any withdrawal request from the Bonus account will nullify the Bonus.
  • The withdrawal request is eligible only within the first 15 days from receiving the Bonus.
  • No trades are allowed on the Bonus account after submitting the withdrawal request.
  • Once the withdrawal request is completed, the Bonus account will be converted into a regular live trading account (Standard or Real ECN respectively).
  • All the profit earned and the Bonus received are deemed to be null and void if a client has provided incorrect, false or misleading information during the registration process.
  • FXFair reserves the right to change the terms of the Bonus or cancel it at any time.
  • FXFair reserves the right to disqualify any client if there is a suspicion of misuse or abuse of the Bonus rules.
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