In the online trading community, the Percent Allocation Management Module is commonly known by its acronym: PAMM.

MAM - Multiple Account Manager


PAMM/MAM is a managed account that brings together investors and managers. On the one hand, PAMM/MAM allows investors to benefit from the experience of a successful trader. On the other hand, traders benefit from the customers acquired by FXFair on their behalf.

The FXFair PAMM/MAM system automatically controls all operations including investment deposits and transfers between investors and traders. Our top priority is to ensure integrity, transparency and security in all aspects of the arrangement.

We guarantee you the best conditions and support in achieving the highest profits possible. Whether you are an investor, trader or both … your success is ours too.

Benefits for Investors:

  • For investors, the PAMM/MAM system represents an innovative manner to place your money in the foreign exchange market indirectly through a professional trader
  • Investors can freely select the manager they wish to work with. To help make that decision, we provide a transparent profile of each dealer including details such as performance indicators, fees, etc
  • Full monitoring of your PAMM/MAM account

Benefits for Managers:

  • Acquire new investors through our portal
  • We handle the agreements between you and your investor as well as the registration process. You spare yourself the administrative hassle
  • Once freed from marketing activities, you can focus 100% on trading
  • Your estimated fee on profits made will be immediately credited to your trading account through our fully automated processing

Fully automated billing:

  • You don’t need to calculate your performance fee or send out bills
  • All fees paid 100%
  • Unlimited number of investors
  • Fully automated trading with EAs permitted
  • All trading styles (e.g., hedging, scalping, news trading, etc.) permitted

Let us use an example to better illustrate the PAMM/MAM system operation.


A professional dealer (PAMM/MAM Manager) opens a managing account (PAMM/MAM for Managers) with an initial investment of $5,000.

Investor A opens a PAMM/MAM account for investors (PAMM/MAM Investor), with an initial investment of $2,000. Investor B does likewise with an investment of $13,000. The total capital contribution now totals $20,000.

At this point, the manager can invest up to $20,000 on the market. As seen in the picture, this manager was extremely successful and turned a profit of $30,000. This profit will be distributed proportionally to all investors depending on their investment amount, less the manager's profit share, 30% in our example.


  • Cash contribution: Manager ($5,000) + Investor A ($2,000) + Investor B ($13,000) = $20,000
  • Profit: Manager ($7,500) + Investor A ($3,000) + Investor B ($19,500) = $30,000
  • Thus, the total value is now $50,000 (capital contribution plus profit), which equals a profit of 150%
  • As previously agreed, the manager takes a share of the profit (in this example, 30%, although the amount depends on the manager), which is deducted from the investors' profit payment
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